​​Our eco-friendly Huntsman line of products incorporate recycled plastics and renewable oils to create high performing, closed cell and open cell spray foam insulation.

Huntsman HFO Pro can be used in commercial and residential construction, on the interior and exterior, to create a specially engineered building envelope providing an air barrier, vapor barrier, insulation, and drain plane in one application.

Hunstman HFO Pro is designed to exceed future sustainability goals by giving building professionals an opportunity to gain up to 10 LEED points, while also providing a low flame spread (per ASTM E-84).


Hunstman HFO Pro closed cell insulation is an innovative, spray foam solution that provides homeowners quality insulation, cost-effectiveness, sustainable environment, excellent air and moisture barriers, and energy efficiency. Hunstman is uniquely formulated for sustainable residential construction and incorporates more than 20% recycled plastic bottles and renewable oils to create its high-performing, high-yield foam. To encourage use of environmentally safer and more sustainable products, VPC-SY is also a LEED* certification product.

Providing multipurpose protection in a single application, Huntsman HFO Pro closed cell serves as air, water and vapor barriers all in one. By keeping out unwanted outside air and water, homeowners can enjoy comfort without worry of outside allergens and possible mold growth from moisture condensation or leakage. Huntsman HFO Pro also provides an industry-leading flame spread rating of 0-5; which means, in case of a fire, the rate in which the flame burns and moves is slowed.
Huntsman HFO Pro closed cell is the perfect insulation solution for homeowners as it delivers quality insulation, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

Crawl spaces, rim joists, basement walls, attic roof rafters are just some of the areas closed-cell spray foam insulation is ideal for existing and new homes.


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Installation of Spray Foam Insulation

Installation of Cellulose Insulation

Specializing in blown cellulose insulation since 1981!

Whether your home was built in 1740 or 2010 we can improve your comfort and energy efficiency with cellulose insulation.

Cellulose insulation can also be used between floors and walls for sound control.

​Cellulose insulation consists of 85% recycled paper, mostly recovered from post-consumer paper fiber that contains additives for fire resistance.

Here is a list of key areas of your home that should be addressed:

-Exterior Walls (wood shakes, wood clapboard, vinyl, aluminum, stucco)

-Garage Ceiling (sheetrock, plaster)

-Interior Walls & Ceilings (sheetrock, plaster)

-Attic (floors)

-Knee Wall (floors)